About Barefoot & Pregnant

From maternity spas to an online community, Barefoot & Pregnant has one priority — to give expecting parents a place to go that's dedicated specifically to their needs. Connecting, nurturing, informing and entertaining, Barefoot & Pregnant is the preeminent maternity community and resource.

Barefoot & Pregnant is the only social community designed specifically for those who are trying to conceive or expecting. We feature columns from our experts but our real voice is yours. We feature articles, essays and musings from members who are experiencing the many stages of conception, pregnancy, adoption and parenting, and can offer first-hand advice and knowledge.

An ever-evolving community, Barefoot & Pregnant is designed to make this time in your life even more enjoyable. Kick off your shoes, relax, contribute and participate in groups and discussions. Meanwhile, we'll add tools and resources designed to make your experience even more fulfilling.

About The Founder

From the time she was young, Stacy Denney's life has been about passion and commitment. Attributing her motivation to incredible family and friends, she continues to build her life's dream of creating a community for pregnant women.

Like so many great ideas, the Barefoot & Pregnant concept was born late at night. Even before Stacy had children of her own, she recognized the need for a nurturing environment where expecting moms could interact. Stacy realized she could reach her dream by opening the country's first maternity spa. To make the idea of community even more accessible, she launched an online social community where women can connect, relax and rejuvenate.

The first Barefoot & Pregnant spa opened its doors in fall 2003. For the last five years, Stacy's life has been a whirlwind of pregnancy, from her own to those of women from around the world. Stacy now focuses on making the Barefoot & Pregnant community more available to women worldwide through hotel partnerships and an ever-expanding Web presence.

Of all her achievements, Stacy considers her most significant to be her marriage to her soul mate and being a mother to her two young sons. With their love and support, Stacy will continue to make a difference in the lives of expecting moms.