November 21, 2017 November 21, 2017

How to locate a Child for Adoption

The days of orphanage- where babies kept on waiting for being adopted- have not existed in the United States for six-seven decades. Now a days, most adoptive parents locate a baby for adoption by meeting and being selected by a birth mother, usually while she is in the latter stage of pregnancy. All waiting adoptive parents aim to find a birth mother they like and trust.

Adoptive parents, if not willing to take help of an adoption agency, can choose several effective ways to find a birth mother. These include using an adoption attorney's connection to your advantage, following a detailed guide of networking to expose potential birth mothers to you, and advertising.

The term adoption attorney refers to an attorney who exclusively or primarily does adoptions, using special knowledge, skill and valuable resources in the adoption community. This special status can help the attorney quickly locate the birth mother who, in turn, can select you as the planned adoptive parents. Using an adoption attorney over a non-specializing attorney has many advantages, particularly when an independent adoption is being planned.

Social networking has become a popular way to “get the word out”. It refers to the need to make as many people as possible aware of your desire to adopt, hopefully leading to a birth mother learning about you. The adoptive parents can prepare a photo and letter to send to people like physicians, especially gynecologists and obstetricians, counselors, like family, child or marriage counselors, birth clinics, abortion clinics, birth centers and churches. You can use personal networking and send your photo and resume letters to people you know personally.

You can always place a classified advertisement in newspapers and on the internet stating your desire to adopt a child. Some states don't allow such an advertisement whereas some allow only licensed adoption agencies to place an ad.

Another is option is using a facilitator. A facilitator is a person who is neither an attorney nor someone from the adoption agency, but the one who assists with the adoption planning. This person may have some training in adoption such as a counselor and can have reasonable fee. Some others, having religious motivation or pro-life sentiments do it for no fee and work for creating families through adoptions.