November 21, 2017 November 21, 2017

How to Select an Adoption Attorney

Adoption attorneys play an important role in creating your family through adoption. Thus, selection of an attorney is an important and critical decision.  The factors like fairness of fee, quality of service, depth of knowledge etc. can vary dramatically among attorneys.  You need to take care of the following points when you select an attorney:

  • Does the attorney only do adoption or is it just one of many areas of practice? In case the attorney is not a specialist, he/she may not have enhanced adoption knowledge.
  • Number of adoptions the attorney is doing annually: Most of the adoption attorneys may be completing thirty or more adoption in a year in metropolitan cities whereas a few others complete more than one hundred adoptions.
  • The fee: You may find tremendous difference in the fee throughout the country. The fee varies in rural vs metropolitan cities, expert attorney vs less experienced attorney etc. Some attorneys charge by the hour while others have a predetermined flat fee. Typical fee ranges from $2,500 to $9,000.
  • The time that other clients wait before being selected by the birth mother: The average waiting time among successful attorneys is less than one year. But you may be the lucky one who gets selected by the birth mother within weeks.
  • Percentage of birth mothers found by the attorney: Attorneys may find birth mothers through their special contacts in pregnancy and adoption related fields, rather than adoptive parents personally locating her. Many successful adoption attorneys locate birth mothers in half of the adoption cases they handle.
  • The mode in which the fee is being charged by the attorney: Some attorneys charge the entire fee or a large portion of it initially, which is most of the time non-refundable. Be cautious regarding attorneys who attempt to entice you with a free consultation.
  • Is the attorney ONLY a professional or reasonably emotionally sensitive as well? Can you envision the attorney completely working with a birth mother, or is the attorney so unsympathetic that birth mothers will feel uncomfortable and go elsewhere for the adoption.
  • Counseling offered by the attorney:  The counseling of adoptive parents is a critical element which helps the parents to prepare themselves for the birth and relinquishment process and giving the adoption the best chance to succeed. If an attorney does not offer counseling, it shows ignorance towards adoption issues.