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5505 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste. 237
Washington, DC 20015

CycleBeads® provides an easy & effective way to plan or prevent pregnancy.

CycleBeads® is a color-coded string of beads that represent a woman's menstrual cycle. Each bead represents a day of the cycle and the color helps a woman determine if she is likely to be fertile that day.

iCycleBeads, the popular iPhone app, relies on the same effective method as CycleBeads. By entering the date of her last cycle, iCycleBeads alerts the user when her fertile window is.

CycleBeads is based on a natural family planning method called the Standard Days Method®, developed by Georgetown University, and is designed to help a woman track her cycle. Proven effective in clinical trials, CycleBeads are used by 2.5 million women worldwide.

A portion of all sales expand family planning access so all women are empowered to make informed reproductive health care choices.

*Most recently seen on The Doctors tv show as a fertility aid.*


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