December 13, 2017 December 13, 2017

Mother's Little Helper: Soothing Shoulder, Neck, and Head Massage

This thorough massage promotes relaxation, releases tension, and helps your body deal with the new physical challenges associated with a small child (and the heavy equipment that comes with it). 

Lie face up on your bed so that your head is at the edge. Get a friend to sit on a chair placed behind your head, with body lotion and these instructions in hand. Here's what your helper should do.

Shoulder: Start with both hands at mom's breastbone. Sweep across her chest to the shoulders, pump down at the top of the arms, and sweep back under the top of the shoulders and up the neck. Then squeeze the flesh of her upper shoulder from the neck out to the shoulder. Finally, gently push her shoulders down toward her toes. Hold for up to a minute and release slowly.

Neck: Start by gently turning her head to one side. Glide your fingers down the back of her neck from the skull to the base of the neck and up again. Then, using the flat part of your knuckles, massage from the base of her skull, down the neck, and along the top of her shoulder. Turn your wrist and repeat in reverse.

Head: Start by asking mom to let her head hang heavy as you hold it securely in your hands. Slowly lift her head, moving her chin toward her chest as far as comfort allows. Hold her head with one hand and use the other to draw up one side of her neck. Repeat on the other side.