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Multiple Births - Twins, Triplets and More! Hello, baby, or should we say, hello babies! Multiple births are on the rise, and whether you're expecting identical twins, fraternal twins, triplets or more, you'll have some different pregnancy considerations.

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Pregnancy Diet Suggestions Find dozens of options for your diet while expecting.

Managing Stress During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a stressful time for many women. You may be feeling happy, sad and scared—all at the same time! This video provides practical suggestions to help you manage stress.

How To Lose Your Pregnancy Weight This video gives some good tips on losing weight after pregnancy.

Who Should Consider Saving Their Baby's Cord Blood?

Cord Blood, A New Era in Medicine Bone marrow, peripheral blood and the umbilical cord blood constitute the three primary sources of stem cells. Umbilical cord blood, which until fairly recently, was discarded as medical waste, is a non-controversial and rich source of stem cells that are now being saved...

Recipes From Julie: Strawberry & Cream Roll Ups

Strawberry *A great snack to make with kids after school! Ingredients:• 1 whole wheat wrap• 4 strawberries OR small handful of raisins• I ½ tablespoons low fat cream cheese• 4 teaspoons granola• Drizzle of honey Directions:Split the wrap into 4 equal long sections. Spoon cream cheese into middle of each section. Cut...

Eating for Two, Again

New mom nutrition for your new mom lifestyle   You're delighted with your new baby but less so with your new body. This is not, however, the time to go on a diet. In any case, you don't really need to. Know that having lost ten pounds or so...

Healthy Eating, Healthy Baby

Chemical Food Healthy Eating, Healthy Baby: Shifting the Mindset from Dieting to Sound Nutrition! We are always looking for ways to create better health. This is especially heightened during pregnancy, when you are called to duty and motivated by the amazing miracle taking place within.  Yet even with the best intentions, habits...